TOP Consistent Eating in Hanmer

TOP Consistent eateries here in Hanmer based on our summer survey of our guests.

Being a consistent eatery here in Hanmer, does it matter? We think so. Bad food experiences are what is remembered

Recommending a restaurant for a guest and receiving a complaint that the food was disgusting leaves a bad taste for us and the guest.

This especially is more sensitive with our overseas tourists. For 2019 2020 summer the winners are:-

  1. Best consistent value for money goes to MK Restaurant for their impeccable food and service.
  2. Best Consistent value for money runner up goes to Isobels Restaurant. Great food great atmosphere, great service.

Most popular evening family Restaurant overall.

1. Isobels

2 Monteiths

3. Spice Village

Best Restaurant evening meal. (for Couple or small group.)

1 MK Restaurant

2. Isobels Restaurant.

3. Spice Village

Best Takeaway meal.

1. PK Kiosk

2. Springs Pizza

3. Spice Village

Best Breakfast consistent performance.

  1. Powerhouse cafe.
  2. Rustic Cafe
  3. Isobels Restaurant

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