Top Cost Effective things to do for your 2 night stay at Aspen in Hanmer Springs

Top Cost Effective things to do for your stay in Hanmer Springs

Checkout our list of Top Cost Effective things to do for your stay in Hanmer Springs.

  1. Hanmer Springs Hot Pools

    Pre-purchase a Pools Plus loyalty deal on line prior to coming up.

  2. Local Walks

    Take in a relaxing stroll, a favourite one is, Cross the road from Aspen into the Hospital grounds track, follow to end then cross back across the lawn and out by Leamington St on Amuri Ave. Walk down Leamington St about 150m then turn right taking the descending track down to the Dog-Stream track. Follow this around till you see the sign to go up to Cheltenham St. Follow this and along Cheltenham St and back down Jacks Pass Road to Aspen in Hanmer. Alternatively you can continue pass the sign and follow  the rest of the Dog stream till you come out on Jollies Pass Road and follow that back into the village.

  3. Dining

    Evening Meal at one of the fine choices of eateries.One of the most popular for our guests would be The Old Post Office Restaurant, Saints and Alpine Chinese Restaurant are also very popular and very handy to walk to.Great food great prices. We also have a great dumpling Restaurant (the #1 dining experience) and two fine Indian Restaurants both of which do Takeaways as well. Guests can pre-browse in their rooms as we have menus for these in our Compendiums.

  4. Mountain Biking

    A mountain Bike ride is a perfect way to start off the day. If you haven’t brought one with you , then you can hire them here in the village, they also hire E bikes as well.The trails in the Heritage Forest are less demanding and if a hot morning, ideal to stay cooler.Easy Rider would be one of the most popular.The real trails are up on the other side with 4 differing grades to suit the riders fitness. There are now 10 in the Easy category, 11 in  Intermediate, 7 in  Advanced and 2 in Expert.

  5. Hiking

    Prefer walking to mountain-biking; Fine, A couple of Favourites are;-, From Aspen head off down Chisholm Cres on to Conical Hill Road. Follow this up to the start of the track then ascend thru the trees on a well graded track thru a series of a 12 switchbacks to the kiosk at the top,This is Hanmers’ most popular walk and has been enjoyed by many since the 1880’s. After taking in the grandeur head back down about halfway where you will encounter the sign to turnoff on to Majuba Walk.Follow this down and join on to Woodland track follow back down the steps across the bridge up bank on to to Jollies Pass Road cross over the road bridge then descend into the Dog Stream follow around and take the Cheltenham St entrance on to Jacks Pass Road to Aspen in Hanmer.The next Favourite is the Waterfall Track. Ideal after heavy rains for good display of falls cascading 41m down into a serene pool.This is about a 2hr to 2.5hr walk.return. Take your vehicle down Jollies Pass Road pass the Forest camp turn left at signpost and follow the track thru to the carpark area. From there you can walk up the newly graded track which has made it so much more pleasant to climb in the upper section of the walk.

    If you prefer something else less strenuous, take in the Art in the Forest on the Amble walk in the Heritage Forest. This is a flat pleasant 25min walk under the canopy with exciting creatures to meet along the way.

  6. Mini Golf

    A game of either mini golf at Alpine Putt or quick walk across the Hospital grounds and down the Crawford Track will take you to a unique little course of PitchnPutt. Great fun for all.
    Have a Browse in the shopping precinct and see whats on offer. Frequently finding items you can’t find elsewhere.One of the favourites would be The Fresh Fudge shop with a great range of the Best fudge available. Our guests love it especially when they are treated for Birthdays or Anniversary’s.

  7. Day Trip

    Alternatively how about a different experience.?? How about a drive into the Molesworth Clarence Valley region. Call into the 4 square or Metro Mart and pickup some fresh picnic food and drink and sandfly repellent in case they are feeding, then carryon down Jacks Pass Road just pass the Medical centre turn right into the Clarence Valley Road. Take the road out to Lake Tennyson. This is a beautiful and scenic area and the Lake is very tranquil.If Fishing is your hobby and passion, then take your rod and license with you.Take time to explore this environment if you have a good 4 wheel drive and the road is fine you could return back via Jollies Pass but it is a lot rougher and frequented by logging trucks so take care out there.

  8. Thermal Pools

    Finish off your day with a soak in the Thermal pools, try out the new cascade pools just opened. Just 300m from Aspen in Hanmer. Finish off and get a takeaway option from the numerous choices. Or order a Mr Yunan asian takeaway and have it delivered to your room free of charge. Menu in your Compendium select and dial all done!…

  9. Late Start

    Preorder a Brekky in a box for two to have in your room get a lie in and be totally relaxed to depart at 10am. Enjoy the rest of your day. We hope you enjoyed your stay with us.

Suggest you stay longer or rebook as there are many other adventures and activities awaiting you here in Hanmer. Click here to view our rates and availability.

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