Hanmer Springs Information


Hanmer Springs Information

At AspenLodge Motel you can enjoy the alpine atmosphere whilst remaining close to allthe recreational amenities and tourist attractions on offer at Hanmer Springs.

HanmerSprings, New Zealand, is built around the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools in thefar north of the Canterbury region, a 90-minute drive from Christchurch. HanmerSprings provides tourists with a wide selection of outdoor activities, greatshops, restaurants and eateries all year round.


Oneof the best-known attractions is the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa.These hot springs are one of New Zealand’s favourite retreats and are one theworld’s best modern outdoor thermal pool complexes. Enjoy a relaxing daysoaking in the natural thermal water with the picturesque mountains surroundingyou.

While the Thermal Pools are wellknown and a sought-after activity during a stay in Hanmer Springs, otheractivities such as fishing, mountain biking and adventure sports are alsopopular in the area. There are numerous biking, tramping and walking tracks. GoQuad Biking through volcanic cliffs and river crossings, taking in the stunningviews along the way. Experience an adrenalin rush jet boating, river rafting orbungy jumping at the historic bridge.


Have a game of mini golf, gohorse trekking or visit the Waiau Estate winery.Sam makes an awesome cheeseplatter. Hanmer Springs also has its own ski field which can be used during themonths of July to September. There is just so much to do at Hanmer Springs,your holiday will definitely be a memorable one!